Bookkeeping, Payroll and Controllership Services

No matter whether you are small or medium sized organizations, our bookkeeping, payroll and controllership services help you address the day-to-day burden of financial accounting, payroll and financial reporting. You can leave the daily administrative and bookkeeping tasks to us because these are our expertise and free up your valuable time to focus on growing your business. Servicing your clients with your expertise is your top priority and so are we. Our team offers a reliable and all-inclusive service with business information available on a timely basis.records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis. Our firm provides a full range of cost effective accounting services including the following:

If you find the following challenges in your organization, you should contact us.

  • Starting up, not sure which accounting system to use
  • Significant year-end adjusting entries
  • CRA audit adjustment concerns
  • No budget for a full-time bookkeeper
  • Covering for bookkeeping and payroll functions due to maternity leaves or alternate employment

We can:

  • Provide full cycle payroll services including setting up direct deposit to employees, payroll tax remittances and T4 preparation
  • Provide full bookkeeping service including, GST and PST Returns preparation
  • Provide controllership function includes financial reporting, asset management, business and tax strategic planning.